Corporate Responsibility


No company small or large is without the responsibility that protects our environment, communities, contractors, and our customers.  This goes beyond simply reducing waste and giving back – but also extends to ensuring ethical practices that preserve human rights.

Making a difference starts right in our own backyard and we look forward to continuing to partner with companies who also share the core values that not only contribute to improving our planet but also that which helps to build up the community, well beyond our surrounding areas.  Ultimately, our aim at all times is to think BIGGER than ourselves.



We hold ourselves and our subcontractors to the same Code of Ethics to include fair work practices, equal opportunities and adhering to all child labor laws.



The safety of all those who we come in contact with is our number one priority.  As an Osha certified company, we maintain industry recognized standards for not only performing safely on the job but also ensuring a safe work environment.



Preserving our environment and our community goes hand in hand.  It is our desire to follow the old saying of, “leave it better than you found it”, as we continue to look for ways to assist those in need.


Our goal is to continually work hard to perform to the highest of standards while continually doing our part to protect our environment.  This means performing semi-annual internal audits, continually re-evaluating where we stand as a company with an overall goal of constant improvement.  As the world changes, we realize that so should our business practices.  Part of being an environmentally conscious company begins with understanding that change – is always necessary.
For us, the job doesn’t end with the installation, it is imperative that we also protect not only our clients but also the environment.  Waste materials are always disposed of responsibly and when proper recycling containers are not available onsite, we remove, discard and recycle all materials and waste offsite.

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